China Huawei Unveils All-Flash OceanStor Dorado Arrays

Chinese multi-tech company, Huawei, officially launched the OceanStor Dorado arrays, an all-flash, AI-powered and high-performance storage designed for the financial sector.

The company offers a new set of storage solutions that can deliver the highest IOPS speeds and lowest latency numbers available on the market. The OceanStor Dorado was first introduced last September, with the biggest capacity that blocks files in a storage array.

The Dorado performs up to 20 million operations per second (IOPS), which is twice the available and best-seller storage solutions available in the market. Huawei topped Dell’s PowerMax 8000, which can only deliver up to 10,000 IOPS.

Huawei Unveils All-Flash OceanStor Dorado Arrays

This new technology is what IT chiefs can utilize to satisfy the growing demand for seamless data storage solutions for stable operations. The OceanStor Dorado completely maintains high levels of information technology infrastructure, promoting a faster turnover of data.


“Huawei has 17 years of R&D experience in storage technologies. We have used this extensive experience to develop the entry-level OceanStor Dorado300 V3, enabling enterprises to benefit from an all-flash platform at a low entry point without sacrificing performance and scalability,” said director for enterprise data center marketing William Dong.

The new range of storage solution features a comprehensive enterprise-class performance with high efficiency. According to Huawei, the technology can benefit digital businesses, banks, and insurance companies who are looking to upgrade their digital services.

Heightened Competition

To date, more companies are reaching high levels of engagement from customers through digital platforms and services. Banks are rapidly changing their landscape, opening virtual assistance services to customers who cannot physically visit a branch and make transactions.

Since people’s behaviors are changing through the course of time, businesses require support to cater to customer’s demands and needs. For instance, insurance companies need to process applications faster or suffer losses are people shift to another firm. This is the reality and technology such as the Huawei OceanStor Dorado not only speeds up operations but also supports overall storage.


The best example of the success of the Dorado is the implementation made by Nanhua Futures, a financial brokerage company. Nanhua implemented OceanStor Dorado to support its growing operations, processing more than 150,000 transactions. From the performance bottlenecks, the company recorded a 5:1 data reduction rata with managed data volumes.

OceanStor Dorado is a multi-controller and fully-interconnected information technology architecture that runs from front to bank end. It supports cache, interfaces, and I/O modules.