Chinese game cracking group: ‘Denuvo copy protection uncrackable within 2 years’

The copy protection of computer games will soon be uncrackable, according to a group of software pirates specialized in cracking copy protections called 3DM. The recent months several games have been released of which the copy protection still hasn’t been cracked.


These games, which include games like FIFA 16 and Just Cause 3, are protected by the latest version of a copy protection called Denuvo. Earlier versions of this copy protection were cracked by 3DM but the group has managed to crack the latest version of Denuvo.

Nevertheless, 3DM expects also this version will be eventually cracked but future versions of Denuvo might be uncrackable. “If current encryption developments continue, it will not be possible to play pirated computer games within 2 years”, according to the founder of the 3DM group in a post on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo.

Torrentfreak was first to report about the post and argues that while Denuvo is hard to crack, the crackers also continue to innovate and that it’s hard to predict what happens within two years time. The site also mentions that only a handful of games are protected by Denuvo because it’s allegedly very costly to protect games with it.

The company behind Denuvo was founded by former employees of Sony DADC, which are no strangers to copy protections because they also developed SecuROM. This was a rather popular copy protection for games about 10 years ago. Denuvo is a so-called anti-tamper protection which should prevent reverse engineering of executable files.