Chinese government aims to replace Windows by Linux in 2020

The Chinese government hopes to entirely switch from Windows to a Chinese built version of Linux by 2020. The country already declared Windows 8 as a spyware tool on the news and has been developing an own Linux distribution for a while now.


An earlier attempt called Kylin was based on Ubuntu but failed.  Its successor,  that aims to replace all Windows computers in use by the Chinese government is called NeoKylin. The OS is found good enough to be installed on the first Dell computers that are manufactured for the Chinese market.

However, China has bigger plans,  Professor Ni Guangnan, of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has designed a rollout programme that has been passed by the government and will see all government servers, mainframes and individual machines being replaced.

China hopes to replace Windows computers at a rate of 15 percent per year, give or take 10 percent, over five years.  The country not only wants to get rid of American developed Windows, a group of Chinese tech companies has been assigned to work together to reduce China’s dependence on foreign technology.