Chinese leak unofficial Windows 10 build 10147

A 3 day old and unofficial Windows 10 build 10147 has been leaked on the internet. The build showed up on a Chinese website and is likely leaked by one of Microsoft’s OEM partners. Compared to the latest official build, the new version appears to be more visually mature.


(Image credit gus33000)

Gradients and colors are most consistent throughout the entire OS and the build gives the impression to be more polished.

There are several new features we’ve spotted, e.g the Microsoft Edge browser now uses the new icon that was revealed two months ago and also has a light and dark theme. Title bars no longer default to grey but in case the developer has not set a color,  the title bar is determined based on the icon color.


(Image credit Lucas)

Also the action and notification centre has several new features including setting ‘quiet hours’. The background of several menus that appear on the side like the action centre, Wifi settings, the volume slider and accu details are now all in the same look as well.