Chinese sells firmware upgrade for OPPO Blu-ray players that removes Cinavia detection

Users looking to remove the Cinavia copy protection from their OPPO Blu-ray player can do so with a new firmware update sold on AliExpress. The update isn’t cheap and is sold at $89.99 by the AliExpress seller HK BONNY INTERNATIONAL TRADE STORE. The seller has 100% positive feedback and appears to reside in the Guangdong province on the Chinese mainland.


The firmware update is available for the OPPO BDP-103, BDP103D, BDP-105, BDP-105D Blu-ray players and requires sending the MAC address of the device to the seller. The instructions are a bit hard to read but it appears the MAC address is used to prepare a specific firmware for each individual player. Besides the firmware file, buyers also receive a key file.

Both files need to be placed on an USB stick and then the usual update instruction of the device can be followed.

The update not only removes Cinavia detection algorithms  it also supports Region A/B/C for Blu-rays and all regions for DVDs. It also adds support for BD ISO files, DBMV folders and SuperAudioCD  recordable discs. The seller also states that free firmware upgrades will be provided.