Chrome, Firefox and Safari block KickAssTorrents

The popular torrent site KickAssTorrents, also known as, is currently blocked by Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The browsers have detected a security issue and to protect their users they block access to the site. It’s the second time this month the site is blocked for security reasons.


After the temporary disappearance of The Pirate Bay, KickAssTorrent rapidly saw its user base grow.  Google’s SafeBrowsing technology, used by Chrome, Firefox and Safari today detected malware on the site and now shows a warning and advices users not to visit the site. For regular users the site will appear to be blocked but more advanced users can click ‘details’ and then click the bottom link to visit the site anyway.

At the moment of writing the site is still blocked. The last time it took several days before the site was unblocked by Google’s Safebrowsing.