Chrome for Android accidently reveals visited sites in Incognito mode

Incognito mode on Google Chrome for Android should hide anything about visited websites. Unfortunately the browser, with between 1 billion and 5 billion users, has an issue which reveals which sites have been visited despite using the privacy mode. Trough ‘Site settings’ it’s still possible to see information about visited websites, a Reddit visitor found out.

(A dutch user posted a video on Reddit demonstrating the issue)

The issue is caused by the default settings of the ‘Site settings’ menu. This contains a list with websites for which the user once gave permission to use the camera, microphone, or full screen mode. If a website has asked permission for any of these it will show up in the Site settings, even when the site was visited in Incognito mode.

For example, if in Incognito mode a website asks permission to show a video in fullscreen then the site is added to the list.

Users can remove the data from Chrome as a workaround, however then also stored account data is removed.

The issue is only in the regular version of Chrome for Android. Google appears to have fixed it in the development version.