Cinavia protection on Blu-Ray discs finally broken?

Cinavia protection is implemented by adding a watermark to the audio track that is then detected by the player which stops playback if it does not match the AACS key on the disc. So far the success in beating this protection was rather small, but now software developer Pixbytes, the authors of  programs like DVD neXt COPY and DVD-Ranger, claim to have broken the Cinavia protection that comes on many Blu-Ray discs and DVDs and stops playback of copied discs that were protected with Cinavia on certain Blu-Ray players.

DVD Ranger logo

According to the authors, the protection was broken accidentally while developing a different software. While not actually removing Cinavia protection, the signal was changed in a way so that it has become unreadable thus disabling the protection by using a design flaw in Cinavia.

Right now the software is still in development and the authors report a success rate of 55% on the tested Blu-Ray discs and DVDs. The release of DVD Ranger 5 is scheduled for October 31st and will cost $89.99 plus $39.99 for the Cinavia module. Pre-order price is $69.99 – including the Cinavia module.

What do you think? Will their solution actually work and if it does will the industry to find a way to work around this again? Can we expect other software to include this “fix” as well? Anyone has an idea how they may have managed to bypass the protection? Feel free to comment and share your views with us.