Clothing Company Love Bonito Suffers from Data Breach

Fashion label Love Bonito acknowledged a data privacy breach that hit the company last December 10, 2019. Personal information and credit card details may have been compromised in the incident.

According to the Straits Times, a malicious code had been embedded into its e-commerce website. However, the company states that the code has since been removed.

The clothing brand informed its customers about the incident last Friday, December 13, 2019. Both local and international customers were said to be affected.

Despite providing statistics to the public, the brand failed to provide the total number of users affected by the event. In the same way, the Straits Times notes that the business decline to reveal its customer size and reach.

Love Bonito Data Breach

In an email, co-founder Rachel Lim reached out to customers to confirm and inform them about the breach. Lim notified users about the possibility of personal information being used or mined by hackers.

In an additional statement made by a company spokesperson, Love, Bonito states that “approximately 3 percent of its customers may have had their personal information exposed. Out of thee, a small number may have had their financial data accessed.”

Compromised data include full names, shipping addresses, credit card numbers, expiry dates, CVVs, and phone numbers. Previous order details may also be obtained by the hacking entity.

Following the breach, Lim apologized to the public. Lim said, “We have always been committed to providing our community with a safe shopping environment and sincerely apologize for this incident.”

Prior to issuing an email blast to its customers, Love, Bonito immediately took down the malicious code found on its website. In addition, the fashion label also claimed to take other steps to secure the security of its website.

Channel News Asia revealed that the firm hired a data security expert in charge of a thorough investigation. Likewise, Love, Bonito has also notified authorities, including the Personal Data Protection Commission, about the incident. The Singapore Police Force was also informed, with both branches pledging to help further investigations.

As part of its commitment to further securing its platform, the clothing brand has enlisted a credit monitoring service as part of its team, reveals Channel News Asia.

As a precaution, the label urges its users to be more observant of their transaction history, as well as financial statements. Unauthorized charges and fraudulent purchases must also be reported to respective authorities immediately.

Love, Bonito currently caters to select Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Marketing Interactive also states the label also services Australia and New Zealand.