Commvault Updates Data Storage Portfolio for Kurbenetes


Data management company Commvault Systems Inc. announced on Tuesday, July 21, a new range of data storage products to simplify the recovery of data.

The new HyperScale X offer has been updated to scale-out storage appliance and create solutions for existing data management issues. Commvault made several improvements for the management tools, supporting multiple administrators in one application.


By heavily focusing on Kubernetes, the company was able to help customers manage data in multi-cloud environments. With an emphasis on Kubernetes container orchestration software in the hybrid cloud, Commvault can easily manage the large clusters of data.

Commvault Updates Data Storage Portfolio

Aside from software containers and computing infrastructure, the new offering supports agile applications to optimize the user experience.


“We’re building for simplification across our platform. The solutions of yesteryear are clearly not designed for the hypercloud,” said chief executive Sanjay Mirchandani.

The HyperScale X integrates with the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform, which is designed for Kubernetes. When this platform is updated, companies can enhance data management products to speed up operations and ensure productivity.

For over 32 years, Commvault has been engaged in selling hardware for corporate businesses, and set its focus on a more profitable business that is of cloud-based computing. Last year, the company was able to acquire Hedvig Inc. startup company as a move to transform its business.

For $225 million, Commvault was able to acquire the startup, and then offer customers better multicloud offerings for several applications. As more and more enterprises are shifting to Kubernetes for multicloud environments, Commvault can optimize the support and tap more clients.

Highlighting Hedvig Technology

For analysts, Commvault’s move to focus on the Hedvig offerings is a smart move, as the deployment is simple. Moreover, the technology is promising when it comes to value, scaling data storage capabilities.

“Commvault got that right. Customers really don’t particularly care what hardware is under the Commvault technology. Commvault has been using Gluster. So it’s a good approach for Commvault to bring Hedvig to market so it can control 100 percent of the technology,” said Red8 officer Glenn Dekhayser.

The company revealed a number of changes on Hedvig’s Distributed Storage, integrating the HyperScale X appliance for easy and flexible data storage technology. This helps companies to manage several workloads including containers, virtual machines, databases, and others.

Commvault vice president Don Foster said HyperScale X would see further development in the future, deploying high-volume applications.