Company offers unlimited gaming for $9.99 a month – to become “Spotify of games”

The company Utomik plans to start a subscription service for PC games. Gamers should be able to play unlimited games for a $9.99 monthly fee. The service will offer the possibility to play the latest games but they aren’t part of the regular subscription.

According to Utomik the company is currently testing the technology powering the service on small scale. The company hopes to start with beta testing soon, interested gamers can join the free closed beta. Utomik claims to have contracts for 80 games but hasn’t disclosed any publishers that are cooperating with the service. A video on the company website shows games like Darksiders II and Torchlight besides games from publishers like 2K Games, Ubisoft and Bethesda.

The company hopes to become the “Spotify for games” where gamers are able to play unlimited games for €9.99 a month. The regular subscription doesn’t offer the latest games, however the latest games can be played on the Utomik platform when purchased through the service. The game then remains in possession of the buyer. What these “Premium” games will cost is unknown. After how many time games move from the Premium to the regular subscription is also unknown.


Utomik is different from streaming services like PlayStation Now or OnLine. On its website the service states, “Utomik is free of lag, and guarantees the original game quality. Utomik is truly different from existing streaming services.”

The company claims to have developed its own unique proprietary file streaming technology that powers the service. A small part of the game is downloaded after which the game can be played, in the meanwhile the remaining data downloads during play.