DataCore Launches Swarm Storage for Large-Scale Data

In a press release published by HPC Wire, software-defined storage company DataCore recently announced the release of DataCore Swarm, an object storage software that can handle petabytes of data.

Swarm, which just became available worldwide, was added to the company’s suite of offerings, completing its “best-of-breed software-defined storage solutions for block, file, and object.”

The new solution was built to safely manage billions of files reaching up to petabytes in size. This hyperscale data storage solution complete with analysis seeks to provide reliability and integrity in data handling.

DataCore Launches Swarm Storage

Moreover, this product seeks to minimize organizations’ and systems’ dependency on hardware with the hopes of lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

Currently, known organizations and companies have deployed the Swarm system into their operations. This includes the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Disney Streaming Service, Argonne National Labs, Department of Defense, and hundreds of others across the globe.

The goal of these organizations is to make data management and scaling more efficient in terms of processing and costs.

DataCore also intends Swarm to be used as primary data storage of multimedia files. It can contain videos that occupy terabytes, which can then be streamed directly from the storage or cut into smaller sizes.

The flexibility offered by Swam makes it a great solution for sharing and collaboration, aside from its main purpose which is data storage and management.

Eric Burgener, IDC research vice president in Infrastructure Systems, Platforms, and Technologies, is optimistic about DataCore’s new offering.

Burgener said, “Enterprises are moving in the direction of software-defined storage as customers come to understand the flexibility, ease of use, and economic benefits that approach brings to the table relative to more hardware-defined approaches.”

“In the wake of its acquisition of Caringo, DataCore now brings a comprehensive software-defined storage platform, supporting block, file, and object storage, to the tablet under a simple fixed price per terabyte licensing approach. Many customers can appreciate the value proposition this offers to administrators that need to manage all three data types,” he said.

To provide its expected services and advantages, Swarm “simplifies long term retention with WORM capabilities and enables high-performance throughput workloads such as HPC workflows.”

With these, the solution can provide convenient management, economic storage, and scalability which cloud options usually have to datacenters. Organizations implementing Swarm can expect on-premise solutions like what clouds offer but at less cost.

Aside from costs and efficiency, this new product also offers higher availability, flexibility, and performance.