Decentralized Music Streaming Audius Seals Deal with TikTok

Blockchain-based music streaming Audius has recently landed a historic partnership with social media and video-sharing platform TikTok for its new music feature, reported CNBC. This agreement with the Chinese application TikTok Sound is the biggest one yet for Audius.

Audius is one of the most unique music streaming services out there because of its decentralized nature, utilizing the same technology as cryptocurrencies. It was built on the Ethereum and Solana networks and is being run by a community of coin owners.

Users can obtain coins by purchasing the AUDIO cryptocurrency or earning it. Artists and users who are qualified for rewards can receive AUDIO. Currently, Audius has over 100,000 musical acts varying from popular ones to new artists.

Audius Seals Deal with TikTok

The partnership seeks to provide benefits for artists overall, but to new names in particular. It offers exposure to artists by making it easier for them to increase their presence on TikTok.

TikTok Sound will open opportunities for artists to bring their songs to TikTok, as long as the tracks are available on Audius. It also lets artists bring the TikTok followers to Audius, where they can discover more of the artist’s music.

Audius co-founder and chief product officer Forrest Browning explained, “Any artist can take a song they already have on Audius and just export it over to TikTok in one click. A common way that unsigned artists get their stuff up there right now is by holding their phone up to a laptop while it plays their song, and they add it as background music. It’s not great.”

CoinDesk cited Browning who said in a press statement, “We’re proud to be one of the earliest launch partners for TikTok Sounds and to give the artists on Audius a chance to increase their exposure even more.”

The deal is a big development for the streaming service. It is also a huge leap for the crypto scene as it can increase the mainstream presence of blockchain-powered companies and services.

Meanwhile, the TikTok deal is not the first time Audius partnered up with a major player. It also has an agreement with Solana Creator Fund, which works to get more artists onto the service.

Audius co-founder Roneil Rumburg is optimistic about this development. He said, “Alongside our efforts with Solana to support creators entering the space, the TikTok integration increases the funnel of potential creators who can discover [Web 3] and crypto more broadly.”

TikTok Sound is currently available for all Audius Users.