Dell to Launch Data Storage with Built-In Machine Learning

Dell Technologies is slated to release a new storage innovation to be incorporated into the Dell EMC PowerMax. Saudi Gazette reports that the development is guaranteed to be the best update in standards of today and the near future.

The Dell EMC PowerMax was released in 2018 equipped with state-of-the-art storage solutions. The company has clients in a wide range of sectors such as leading financial institutions, healthcare firms, and cloud solution providers.

Dell EMC is a trailblazer in the storing innovation sector, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). It has a 43.9% share in the high-end storage market. This is almost thrice higher than the second-best player in the market.

PowerMax boasts of its low latency storage, combined with high resiliency. In the recent update, the Dual Port SCM SSD uses Intel Optane SSD technology, combined with Storage Class Memory (SCM) as persistent storage.


Dell to Launch Data Storage with Built-In Machine Learning

This development is the result of the collaboration between Dell and Intel. The two tech companies have been working together for decades to develop storage innovations.

Aside from the inclusion of dual-port SCM SSDs, the company will also make nonvolatile memory express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) for all PowerMax products. This allows users to experience “true end-to-end NVMe” that can “deliver the performance and lower latency” expected in the current market.

The incorporation of NVMe-oF in PowerMax makes it a more powerful storing solution. This increases its input/output operations per second (IOPS) up to 15M.

This tech also increases the bandwidth up to 350GB per second and response times up to 50% faster. Read response times is also boosted up to Sub-100us (microseconds).


PowerMax also has a built-in machine mechanism that uses “predictive analytics and pattern recognition.” This allows the system to automate the designation of data on the right media type. The system will use an input/output profile in determining this.

The onboard machine learning engine will enable the system to process 40 million data sets. With this, it is set to make 6 billion decisions per day, making it a highly powerful and efficient data storing solution.

The Saudi Gazette said that clients will be able to integrate Dell EMC’s product “into their multi-cloud strategies” in various ways. The system can handle various workloads in a hybrid platform while catering to “unique external storage-specific requirements.”

Dell EMC will release this new storing innovation on September 16.