Dell to Release New Midrange Storage, Beta Gets Good Feedback


Beta units of the new midrange storage series developed by Dell Technologies are currently receiving positive feedback from users. The soon-to-be-released container-based storage line is expected to be released by the end of the 2020 fiscal year, said CRN.

Dell CEO Michael Dell told CRN in an interview that the launch of the new products will be “very soon.” Moreover, he noted that the release is a major development for the company.


Considered a leader in storage innovation, the firm has announced the development of this midrange line back in 2018. The announcement estimated the release of the products by the end of the 2020 fiscal year. CRN remarked that the fiscal year of 2020 will end on February 3.

Dell to Release New Midrange Storage

While there is no specific release date as of yet, the CEO said that the products will definitely be launched by the end of this fiscal year.


As of this writing, not much has been announced regarding the exact features of the new midrange line. However, Vice Chairman Jeff Clarke said that it will come as a “microservice, container-based architecture.” Moreover, he noted that it will be a “modern file system and modern software stack.”

These newly developed products are seen as a great opportunity for the tech world. According to Robert Keblusek, chief technology officer of Sentinel Technologies, the midrange storage solution will open a window of opportunities for partners who seek to modernize the infrastructure of their customers.

This comes as good news as there are “a lot of people looking to modernize traditional shared storage,” said Keblusek. In fact, Dell Technologies saw a 7% increase over the year for the third fiscal quarter. This amounts to $4.1 billion.

The company’s CEO celebrated the fact that the company was at the top of “every single category” when it comes to innovations. He is also optimistic about the success of the firm, especially given that it has left its competitors in the dust when it comes to growth rates.

He also highlighted the fact that competitors of the tech company have been seeing a drop in sales. Some reflect a drop by 10% and 15%.

Meanwhile, the firm saw a boost in its market share. The CEO mentioned that the combined market share of the second, third and fourth competitors remains to be small than the figure shown by Dell Technologies.