Deloitte Works with NVIDIA for AI Project

Deloitte AI arm is collaborating with chipmaker NVIDIA to offer artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for its clients, according to the company’s blog. It will be using a supercomputing architecture and knowledge to help clients transition toward AI.

To this end, the launch of the Deloitte Center for AI Computing was recently announced. The institution will be using NVIDIA’s DGX A100 systems for better computer power which is expected to provide improved data processing, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Using NVIDIA’s graphics processing unit (GPU), networking, and software technologies, Deloitte seeks to develop advanced artificial intelligence tech at scale.

Deloitte Works with NVIDIA

Achieving this goal means using the NVIDIA DGC POD foundation, which is designed to be scalable. It also using Mellanox networking, as well as the chipmaker’s high-performance storage.

This would allow the company to allow clients to innovate along with the service provider, speeding up the development process for new solutions.

Deloitte Consulting LLP managing principal Jason Girzadas, “The Deloitte Center for AI Computing is a pioneering effort that brings together Deloitte’s deep AI experience with the powerful supercomputing capabilities of NVIDIA DGX A100 systems to innovate with clients and accelerate their journey from AI experimentation to being AI-fueled organizations.”

“Our collaboration with NVIDIA can enable clients to quickly deliver on the full promise of AI solutions to transform both their businesses and the basis of professional services,” he added.

With the launch of the Center, Deloitte can create more advanced software in its AI Exploration Lab located in Austin, Texas and its AI Factory in Canada.

CEO Jensen Huang is optimistic about this move, saying, “AI is moving from research labs into the industry. Every industry will be transformed by AI. Products and services will be revolutionized by AI. Companies will become learning machines and their people will be supported by AI.”

He added, “Together with Deloitte’s global force of experienced specialists, we will turbocharge the realization of this vision.”

The new Center will be working with the company’s AI Institute which will allow the growth and development of artificial intelligence through conversations and research.

This move also helps Deloitte create an ecosystem that can aid in the improvement of human-machine collaboration as seen in the company’s Age of With.

Deloitte offers artificial intelligence-powered services that work with clients and industry leaders to advance innovation “that can create heroic growth and optimization strategies for [organizations],” as per its website.