Denuvo website leaks thousands of emails

The website of Austrian copy protection developer Denuvo contained several open directories that allowed anyone to view emails sent to the company. The directories have been mirrored so everyone can see its contents, including mails from companies like Microsoft and Google.

Denuvo website leaks thousands of emails

A group called Revolt has copied the directories and has made them available on their website. The directories contain  access logs to the Denuvo website, 3 downloadable files and most interestingly a log of all mails that were sent to Denuvo through the contact form on their website.

Some of the mails are from large companies such as Capcom, Atari, Google and Microsoft but the majority of the mails are from complaining and name calling gamers. All of the large companies contacted Denuvo because they wanted to protect their software against copying or tampering. A mail from Microsoft is very specific, the company asked for information as it wanted to protect a game from its Halo series with Denuvo.

Interesting is that when searching for the keyword ‘studio’ in the mails, that there is a large number of small game studios interested in Denovo’s technology. However the list with games protected by Denuvo mainly shows large publishers, indicating that it might be a relative expensive solution.

The timing of the leak is pretty bad for the company, Denuvo has been a lot in the news recently because its copy protection on Doom and Resident Evil 7 was cracked in days. Before it took months before crackers succeeded in removing the protection from games.