DeUHD compatible LG WH16NS40 Blu-ray burner now $50

Posted 27 November 2017 16:16 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

If you’re in the market for a Blu-ray burner and want to be able also rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs to your HDD, then NewEgg has an excellent deal today. The online retailer currently ships the LG WH16NS40 for $50.

The LG WH16NS40 is listed for $58.99 but with coupon code EMCBBCH64 you can get $9 off, which means the drive costs you $49.99. The drive is on DeUHD’s ‘friendly drives’ list which means you can use it to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs with the software.

A point of attention is that lifetime licenses for DeUHD are only available till November 30th, after that the license will cost €60 each 6 months. With the lifetime license going at €199, it might be a good deal to get the lifetime license, after 2 years you’re starting to save money with the lifetime license.

The LG WH16NS writes BD-R discs at 16x, as well DVD+R/DVD-R discs. It writes CDs at 48x and reads them at 48x as well. BD discs can be read at maximum of 12x and DVDs can be read at maximum 16x. The drive supports quad, triple and double layer BD-R discs, 3D Blu-ray and also has M-Disc support which is a format on which data should last longer than any other optical disc currently available.

To reduce noise, the drive has Silent Play. This feature automatically adjusts the drive’s playback speed according to its criteria for optimal performance.

Discuss the LG WH16NS40 and DeUHD on our DeUHD Forum.

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