Developer brings back Aero Glass GUI to Windows 8 – free

A developer has released a free application that brings back the transparent Aero Glass interface on Windows 8 as available in previous Windows versions. The application makes it possible to apply the Glass look to window borders and blur the contents behind it.


The amount of transparency can be controlled using the Control Panel and it’s possible to add glow and shadows to window borders without changing the theme of Windows 8. The developer claims that the application doesn’t consume much resources. Rendering is done using Direct3D as many native functionality of Windows 8 is used and other theme settings are not modified.

The Aero interface was introduced since Windows Vista and the latest version that featured it is Windows 7. The Aero Glass interface is used by default in Windos versions since Vista and it’s the name for the various animations and transparency effects. In Windows 8 Microsoft adapted different style for desktop applications, still resembling the previous Windows versions but without the transparency, flatter and more squared.

Download the application here, it’s free but nags for a donation every time you start it.

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