Developer creates open source tool to prevent Microsoft from spying on you in Windows 10

A Reddit user and developer has created an open source tool that disables options that potentially allows Microsoft to track users. User ’10se1ucgo’ has created the DisAbleWinTracking tool and posted the source code on open source hosting site Github.AV8btDc

There has been a lot of criticism on the default settings of the operating system since Windows 10 was released on July 29th. When the default settings are used the operating system sends all kinds of data to Microsoft.

The Windows Tracking Disable Tool should make it easy for inexperienced Windows 10 users to disable the settings that send data to Microsoft. With the tool it’s possible to disable Telemetry in a single click as well as the removal of a log file that contains potentially sensitive data and disabling services that are considered harmful for privacy aware users as well. Last but not least the software can add entries to the HOST file that prevents the computer from accessing known tracking domains.

You can download the tool here (VirusTotal), make sure to run it as Administrator.