Developer of “Popcorn Time of Music” angers RIAA

The developer of music streaming software Aurous, also called the “Popcorn Time of Music”, angered the music industry after temporarily posting the source code on open source hosting platform Github. Earlier a judge ruled that the developer of Aurous was not allowed to make the software available in any way. By posting the code on Github the developer has violated that ruling.


Aurous was sued by the RIAA quickly after its release and a judge decided that it was forbidden for the developers to continue with anything related to the software. Soon after the decision the Aurous website went offline. Aurous offered a way of streaming pirated music just like Popcorn Time offers streaming of pirated movies and series.

By posting the code on Github the developer took a serious risk. After a short while he decided to remove the code again and stated that releasing the source code was an accident.

The RIAA doesn’t believe it was an accident at all, especially because the developer also posted a tweet applauding the open source nature of the software together with a link to the Github repository. The RIAA now asks the judge to fine the developer for contempt of court. The organisation also wants to know who downloaded the code during the time it was online.

The Aurous developers have offered the RIAA full control over their domain name and anything else they need to shutdown the service. Now the source code has been publish online for a while, the RIAA is no longer interested in that offer, ” insisting that the breach had been both intentional and damaging.”

At the time of writing the Aurous software, downloaded before the website was shut down, still works. The software has also found its way on popular torrent sites.