1 CLICK BLURAY COPY development stops due recent DVDFab event

The closure of the DVDFab.com domain ordered by the AACS has its effect on other companies, as LG Software Innovations has announced  it will discontinue development of their 1 CLICK BLU-RAY COPY software. The software was in beta stage and the company has decided to not release a final version for sale. In a statement on its website the company explains the reasoning behind it.


The reasons are directly related to the recent closure of the DVDFab.com domain by the AACS who develops the copy protection for Blu-ray. Because DVDFab sells software that circumvents the AACS copy protection the AACS got an injunction from an US court which allowed them to close the .com domain, but also gives them the right to order payment processors, hosting companies and companies providing other services to DVDFab to no longer work for them. The AACS appears to be aiming to close the entire DVDFab company, although DVDFab also sells products that do not

The Canada based LG Software Innovations was planning on selling a Blu-ray copy program that would rely on third party utilities to circumvent the AACS copy protection. They’ve decided not to sell a Blu-ray copy program at all in light of the current DVDFab lawsuit.


By separating an AACS circumventing module or relying on third party software it would be possible to continue development. The company doesn’t consider that as an option as it writes, “our motto is to make software that is simple to use. Users expect to have a satisfactory result each time they use it. We cannot in good conscience sell a Blu-ray copy program that relies on third party Blu-ray decryption which doesn’t yet exist for Cinavia protected discs, nor is it likely to in the future.” 

Yesterday we also reported that Aiseesoft has removed products circumventing the AACS from their website.