DigiBoxx Records 1 Million Users in 6 Months

DigiBoxx, the first Swadeshi public cloud storage in India, has reported that it has surpassed 1 million users just 6 months after its release last December 2020. More than 16 percent of the platform’s users were active daily.

The digital platform offers data management Saas and file storage and sharing solutions. Individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can save their data, either personal or work data.

In comparison to its competitors, DigiBoxx provides intuitive services at a reduced cost. The platform has a search feature that allows you to search by keyword, name, or location. It is simple to use; simply drag and drop files into the app, which are encrypted and uploaded.

DigiBoxx Records Million Users in 6 Months

The app is an efficient solution that synchronizes data across all devices for secure and accessible cloud storage. Besides that, DigiBoxx users can exchange files with non-users using InstaShare, a file-sharing function.

Users can exchange large-size files and high-resolution photos or videos with anybody using InstaShare. It comes with a free 2 GB storage capacity, and the shared file is kept in DigiBoxx for 45 days.

For individual users, there are monthly and yearly subscriptions available. Also, they have a free option that includes 20 GB of storage, a 2 GB file size limit, and GMail connectivity.

For SMEs, a subscription plan for Rs 999 a month is available. It includes up to 50 TB of storage, 10 GB maximum file size, and support for up to 500 users.

For freelancers, a different plan that costs Rs 30 per month and includes up to 2 TB of storage and a 10 GB file size limit is available.

DigiBoxx, like the majority of other digital platforms, is downloadable on Android and iOS, and even the PC. It supports eight Indian languages. Currently, the firm plans to expand into additional regional languages to reach the country’s 70 million users.

Amitabh Kant, NITI Aayog CEO said, “Touching 1 million lives in just 6 months is a notable achievement, especially for a bootstrapped firm. DigiBoxx has progressed well and has taken calculative steps to reach this stage. India needs more such home-grown technologies to fulfill our vision of an ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat.’”

He also added that, with its competitive cost and free storage choices for enterprises, consumers, and academics, DigiBoxx is ready to jump into this opening as global technology companies shift away from offering free cloud access for the public.