Dive computer and sports watch owners with IrDA warned to not upgrade to Windows 10

Owners of dive computers and sports watches should be careful when updating to Windows 10, it’s very likely you can’t get your data of the device. Microsoft has removed the necessary Infra Red stack from its latest operating system, causing IrDA USB dongles to no longer work.product-large-8002231

Users on dive and sports forums are complaining that their IrDA dongles worked on Windows 10 Technical Preview but not when using the final version of the OS.

According to an employee of the company Coolgear, Microsoft has removed the entire IrDA stack. He reports on the Microsoft Answers Forum, “come to find out, some time between the pre-release edition [of Windows 10] we tested with, and the final release, Microsoft removed *all* IRDA support from Windows. The entire IRDA stack is gone (imagine a computer coming without TCP/IP support!).

The company Polar which develops sport watches writes on their website they encourage users to buy a new product that is supported by Windows 10 because, “Polar will not launch a new driver to support the IrDa USB adapter for the new Windows 10 operating system.”

Users of Sigmatel USB dongles are also in the cold, the company is no longer in business so Windows 10 drivers won’t be made.

It’s unclear why Microsoft has decided to remove the IrDA stack from the final version of Windows 10 while the preview versions still shipped with them.