Dropbox doubles storage capacity of Professional plan to 2TB

Posted 02 August 2018 23:58 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Dropbox doubles  storage capacity of subscribers of the Professional plan. Those users, who pay $19.99 per month, will now have 2TB of space, where they had 1TB before. Storage capacity of subscribers to the cheaper ($9.99 per month) Plus plan will remain unchanged.

Also, business users will see an increase of storage capacity. The Business Standard account previously offered 2TB of space. Dropbox today increased this to 3TB. Dropbox offers only two other Business plans but both come with “As much space as needed”.

New Dropbox users who subscribe to the capacity increased plans will have the new capacity available straight away. Existing subscribers should see their capacity increased within the coming weeks.

The capacity increase is likely a response to the upcoming launch of Google One which should replace current Google Drive offerings. Google One will offer 2TB of storage space for $9.99. Users also require more and more space due to higher quality video and photo.

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