Druva Launched the First Intelligent Data Cloud Storage

Tech company Druva, Inc. recently revealed that it will be debuting a multi-tier intelligent cloud-based system, says AiThority. This tiering system will be able to support all layers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage.

Druva is a top Cloud Data Protection and Management firm focused on creating innovative data storing solutions. Its recent development is the intelligent storage system is the company’s answer to the ineffectiveness of the “one-size-fits-all” approach to data storage.

According to AiThority, the current prevalent info storage method is “suboptimal and expensive.” With Druva’s innovative cloud technique, storing information will be securely and efficiently stored with the help of artificial intelligence.

Druva Launched the First Intelligent Data Cloud Storage

Hot and cold

This intelligent cloud-based will determine whether user data will be stored in hot or cold storages. Industry experts expect this tech to optimize the performance of systems, making usage and applications more efficient.

Information is stored in hot systems when it is frequently accessed, requiring speedier data retrieval. Meanwhile, info suitable for cold storage is those retrieved less recurrently. As this is less demanding, such info is placed in cold systems which offer lower retrieval performance.

It also utilizes simpler and faster management that offers core control in terms of archiving, governance and deletion.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) says that around 60% of corporate data is considered cold, while 30% is warm. Additionally, around 10% is considered hot. With the increasing amount of info to be stored, companies are spending thousands of dollars in storing solutions alone.

Druva’s solution is also expected to minimize cost. According to AiThority, Druva’s storage solution shows potential for significant monthly and annual savings. This also offers greater opportunities for improving data storing at lower costs. Records show that this system can result in up to 50% savings in the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Aside from optimal storing and cost-efficiency, the company’s newly developed system will improve security and protection. The multi-tier AI solution means that end-to-end encryption will be facilitated by machine learning and policy management across all levels.

The new storage solution covers AWS systems including Glacier, Glacier Deep Archive and S3. It is considered as the only SaaS system that is founded solely on AWS, giving it an edge in terms of protection and management.

This technology is seen as an effective way to keep companies updated in terms of storage innovations while minimizing expenditures.