Dutch anti-piracy organization: ‘scenario possible where we track down illegal downloaders’

Posted 04 February 2019 23:06 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

The director of Dutch anti-piracy organization Brein has stated in a podcast that he can think of possible scenarios where his organization will start to chase downloaders of pirated content, and not just uploaders. However, such actions would not be the preference of both him and rights holders, according to the director of Brein, Tim Kuik.

Dutch website Tweakers reports that Kuik stated in a Dutch podcast that, “a scenario is conceivable in which a combination of parties on the internet makes it impossible to go after uploaders.”

In that scenario the anti-piracy organization would need to take a different approach, which could mean it would be going after downloaders of pirated content. Kuik does add that he always had his doubts about such a measure. Later in the podcast, Kuik also stresses that Brein webshop beginnen doesn’t aim to fully stop illegal downloading, but that it aims to limit the number of users who download torrents.

To achieve that, Brein developed its own software to find early, frequent and large uploaders of illegal content. These are the uploaders that make new content available and who continue to seed for a long time. The organization is also behind the blockade of the popular torrent website The Pirate Bay in the Netherlands and tracking down illegal IPTV services.

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