DVD-Ranger adds 7 new CinEx HD databases for easy Cinavia removal

Since the beginning of this year, the developers of DVD-Ranger released 7 new database files for their Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection removal software CinEx HD. The databases contain information that assist CinEx HD in removing the Cinavia Blu-ray audio watermark from the movies, making it possible to make a backup.

DVD-Ranger adds 7 new CinEx HD databases for easy Cinavia removal

Databases for the following movies have been added the last couple of the days:

So far, DVD-Ranger CinEx HD is the only software able to actually remove the Cinavia copy protection from movies. Other software is able to block detection of Cinavia, but the DVD-Ranger developers claim to have found a way to remove the Cinavia audio watermark from movies.  The benefit is that a copy of a movie with Cinavia removed by DVD-Ranger can be played on any device, just like a regular movie. Other solutions so far only work with a selected amount of Blu-ray playback software.

How the Cinavia removal process of DVD-Ranger works remains a mystery. In order to remove Cinavia with CinEx HD, users are required to download a database from the DVD-Ranger website which contains a so called ‘first pass’.  According to the developers this first pass is the  first step in the process of Cinavia removal, which would take hours on a regular system. By using the database, the Cinavia removal is faster for the end user.

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