DVD-Ranger crowdfunding page disappears – reported as fraud

DVD-Ranger crowdfunding page disappears – reported as fraud

We recently reported about DVD-Ranger hoping to raise $120,000 for the development of their Cinavia copy protection removal software CinEx, now the page is disabled.  DVD-Ranger posted their call for financial support on the website Indiegogo, a website that makes it possible to raise money from investors all over the world.


With crowdfunding it’s possible to raise small amount of money from a large group of people. DVD-Ranger hoped to raise $120,000 for further development of CinEx and posted a breakdown of their costs on our website.

Unfortunately the page is currently hidden from the public and when asked DVD-Ranger told us someone reported the project to Indiegogo as fraud. While Indiegogo investigates the project, the page will remain in draft mode (and is not deleted). Several users on our website were afraid that the disappearance of the page had something to do with Sony or Verance which reportedly tried to stop development of CinEx before but we can now confirm this isn’t the case.

The CinEx module from DVD-Ranger, while in heavy development, has proven to successfully remove the Cinavia protection but has a drawback, the audio quality has been degraded. The company promises that future releases will improve the audio quality while the Cinavia protection is removed. Unfortunately developing CinEx appears to be a time consuming and resource intensive process, hence the call for investors.

A  pre-release of the CinEx module is currently available and can be downloaded from the DVD-Ranger website.

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