DVD-Ranger makes CinEx module open source

The developers of DVD-Ranger informed us today that they’ve released the source code of CinEx to the open source code hosting website SourceForge. The code is from the first release of CinEx which removed Cinavia successfully but which degraded the sound quality, an issue now solved with the release of CinEx HD.

Together with the release of the software, DVD-Ranger has put up a long statement on their website. According to them the goal of the release of the software is to give those who are interested, more insights in the working of the software and likely also in the workings of Cinavia. Besides making the source code public, the developers write they are willing to discuss it in detail.



Previously DVD-Ranger posted the source of BDnExCOPY on Sourceforge. So far the company is the only one able to remove Cinavia from Blu-ray audio tracks. This allows you to playback copies on any device. Other companies have found ways to block detection of Cinavia in popular Blu-ray playback software. This limits playback  to  supported software and does not allow playback on hardware players like the Playstation 3 or 4 or the Xbox One.

CinEx is designed to remove the Cinavia Blu-ray audio watermark from audio tracks on Blu-ray movies. A Cinavia detector is able to distinguish between an original and a copy of a movie and mutes audio of the movie after 20 minutes. By removing the watermark from Blu-ray audio tracks the copy protection is rendered useless.

Download or browse the source code here.