DVD-Ranger releases CinDe, a free tool to detect whether a movie is Cinavia protected

DVD-Ranger today released an utility that can be used to detect whether a movie is protected by the audio watermark based copy protection Cinavia. The utility is called CinDe and is free and available for everyone to download.


The developers of DVD-Ranger are no strangers to Cinavia, their CinEx HD software was the first that allowed user to end up with a Cinavia free version of their favorite movie. The software requires databases to be downloaded of which often new versions are released. The CinEx HD solution is applauded for the good audio quality in the Cinavia free movie.

CinDe is their latest work and helps to detect whether a movie is Cinavia protected. It works on all kinds of media to detect the Cinavia watermark and is command line based.

By simply entering “CinDe.exe C:\videos\torrent.mkv -t 0” in the command line the software will tell you whether a movie is protected by Cinavia. More information on the software and how to exactly use it can be found here.

The Cinavia copy protection works by adding a watermark to the audio tracks of movies to prevent discs from being copied. The protection has been a mandatory part of the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) on all Blu-ray players since 2012 and a Cinavia detector can be found in software players from e.g. Cyberlink, Arcsoft, Nero but also in hardware Blu-ray players, as well the Playstation 3. When the Cinavia detector of Blu-ray hardware and software players notices the movie isn’t played from the original source, it mutes the sound and displays a notice after a set time.

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