DVD-Ranger releases SoundTouch 2 – Cinavia removal without database

DVD-Ranger has released a new version of CinEx HD that includes SoundTouch 2, their database-less Cinavia audio watermark copy protection removal method. For the regular CinEx HD, that requires a database, the developers released new database files. CinEx HD with the databases provides better sound quality than the included SoundTouch 2 method.


Besides adding SoundTouch 2 support, this new version of CinEx HD also optimizes database handling for new movies and Cinavia types, and fixes a decoder for unknown packet types and codecs.

DVD-Ranger also released databases of new movies, this time the databases of Still Alice (English Track) and Fifty Shades of Grey – Theatrical Version (English Track) have been added.

Although the database supported CinEx HD offers better sound quality than SoundTouch 2, DVD-Ranger nevertheless decided to release the latter. The developer has been making an ongoing effort to prove that Slysoft and Elby have stolen DVD-Ranger technology (and/or purchased it from user Cienoway that in turn stole it from DVD-Ranger). This seems to be an another attempt to make a point, as the developer writes, “Today we have released the CinEx HD Utility This update contain the new SoundTouch 2, the optimized successor of the Technology that was stolen from us.”

Buy and download CinEx HD from the DVD-Ranger website here. Read more about the Cinavia copy protection in our Cinavia article.