DVD-Ranger reports discovery of new Cinavia variant on Blu-ray of Mechanic: Resurrection

DVD-Ranger reports he found a new variant of the Blu-ray audio watermark copy protection Cinavia in the movie Mechanic: Resurrection from the movie studio Lionsgate. Besides a new Cinavia variant, the movie also seems to be protected with other new copy protections.


According to DVD-Ranger the Cinavia signal on the Mechanic: Resurrection movie isn’t continous like on other movies, but instead it’s in some “long played segments”. In the first part of the movie the Cinavia signal appears to be absent to be introduced at about 20 minutes again.

DVD-Ranger suspects the movie studios have taken measures against CinDe, his free Cinavia detection software. Apparently changing the the start of the Cinavia signal tricks CinDe into thinking the movie isn’t Cinavia protected.  I won’t be showstopper according to DVD-Ranger as he writes,  “However, will this hinder CinDe to do its job? Not really, because you can still scan each segment of the playlist. Maybe we will update CinDe soon to scan inside the file with a variable start time.”

He goes on writing, “Personally, I have to say, I find it an honor that the film studios have taken note of CinDe. But it is crazy that the studios now fight against information tools.”

Databases for the movie Mechanic: Resurrection are now available for CinEx HD, but DVD-Ranger reports they might not work properly because the movie also contains other copy protections. CinEx HD only removes Cinavia, so the other copy protections have to be beaten by  Redfox and/or DVDFab first.

More information can be found on DVD-Ranger’s blog.