DVD-Ranger shows promising results with CinEx HD

The first results of DVD-Ranger’s next generation Cinavia watermark copy protection removal module,  CinEx HD,  are very promising. The software was announced about two weeks ago and should become the successor of the current CinEx module which has the drawback of degrading the audio quality. The recent announcement of the CinEx HD module also came with the promise of no sync issues, no echos, no effects, no winch and no speed shift.


We can confirm that CinEx HD provides good results. While we have not been able to test the module ourselves, DVD-Ranger provided us with several audio tracks. We’ve also received a track which contained Cinavia and the same track without the Cinavia watermark. We were also provided a multi-channel (5.1) sound fragment with Cinavia removed.

While we can’t 100% guarantee that the samples contained Cinavia and that CinEx HD actually removed it, we have no reasons to doubt DVD-Ranger. So far they’ve always been reliable when it comes to providing us with proof of their achievements.

The company has let us know that the next step should be a release of DVD-Ranger with their CinEx HD module, but no target date has been given.

The Cinavia copy protection is embedded in the audiotrack of a Cinavia protected movie  Hardware and software players contain a Cinavia watermark detector  which decides if the movie is legitimate or not. While Verance, the company developing it, claims it doesn’t affect the quality of the audio, others disagree.

The degradation of the audio  is a reason to try to find an acceptable method of removing the signal from audio tracks. Another reason is that Cinavia prevents playback of Blu-ray backups.The protection will detect playback of the backup and will mute the audio after 20 minutes while showing a Cinavia warning prompting the user to get a legal copy of the movie.

Also pirates will start to encounter Cinavia more and more as it’s also designed to stop illegal movie sharing. The Cinavia detector can also be found in the next generation consoles, the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

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After the final release of CinEx, the software will require a monthly subscription. Currently it’s possible to obtain a lifetime license for $99.00.