DVDFab released – without Blu-ray ripping for U.S. citizens

DVDFab released – without Blu-ray ripping for U.S. citizens

DVDFab today released version of their movie back software. The new version fixes several issues and adds support for new DVD discs and for converting MKV/Mp4 files without outputting chapter information in Ripper.


The software is available for download for users from the United States, but these users will be unable to use the Blu-ray ripping feature. DVDFab has added a paragraph to their FAQ explaining the issue.

On their site they write, “making backup copies of discs you own or converting them to play on different devices (commonly called “Fair Use” in most places) requires circumventing or removing the copy prevention technology used on the original discs. For Blu-ray discs, this technology is known as AACS and is aggressively defended by an organization that controls and licenses it to the disc makers. Thus, DVDFab products sold in the US no longer contain the ability to remove this technology from AACS-protected discs.”

The company also provides tips to US citizens looking for a way to make a Blu-ray backup of their movie, as they add, “That being said, DVDFab users in the US may be able to search for third-party tools such as AnyDVD HD (payware), Woookao (freeware), DVD43 (freeware) or MakeMKV (freeware) to restore the ability to copy or convert this material. If the law from your region/area does not allow such “Fair Use” of copyrighted materials, please do not use these products. If you think the law for your area should be changed, please contact your elected representative(s).

That being said, for both DVDFab users from the US and the rest of the world,  here’s the changelog of version

  • New: Added support to new DVD discs.
  • New: Added support to convert to mkv/mp4 format without outputting chapter info in Ripper. (Advanced Settings->Unmark “Reserve Chapter Info” option).
  • Fix: A failure problem while DVDFab detecting IQS GPU on Intel Atom Processor Z3740.
  • Fix: A black menu problem when playing back the copied DVDs under Full Disc mode in certain cases.
  • Fix: A failure problem when converting DVD folder sources in certain cases.
  • Fix: A wrong timestamp problem when playing back the DVD converted mkv.passthrough files by VLC.
  • Fix: A problem that the converted videos have sound only on left channel during playback in certain cases.
  • Fix: A freeze problem when converting file sources with mkv.passthrough profile in certain cases.
  • Fix: A crash problem when using command line in certain cases.
  • Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.

You can read the explanation on the availability in the United States in the DVDFab FAQ here. Downloads and more information on the latest DVDFab release can be found here.