DVDFab gives away 300 Android 4.0 mini PCs – tweet, blog, like

DVDFab gives away 300 Android 4.0 mini PCs to those who tweet, blog or like their software. The company has created a special promotional page where it asks users to share  their experience with the software on Facebook, Twitter or on their blog. myce-dvdfab-giveaway

 Besides the giveaway, the company also has a 25% discount offering. Besides that the company has another promotion, with the coupon code ‘FAB-JUL-OFF’ buyers receive an instant 20% discount on all DVDFab products. All offers are valid till the 7th of July 2013.

In case you don’t know, DVDFab is software to make backups of DVD and Blu-ray movies. Unlike many other movie copy software, DVDFab deals with DVD and Blu-ray discs that are restricted by copy protections.

The software is available for both Mac and Windows computer. If you would like more information then please read our review on DVDFab DVD Copy 9 by Wombler, in which he concludes:  ”DVDFab DVD Copy is a comprehensive, very well featured, and highly configurable program, that will satisfy the movie backup needs of almost anyone that uses it”.


The Android 4.0 mini PC the company gives away is from VidOn.me and makes it possible to view video and play games on your TV. It supports video up to 1080P/2060P and you can connect a gamepad, keyboard, mouse, external HDD etc to it. The device also supports flash and HTML5 videos. It’s sold out on the VidOn.me website so the DVDFab offering is currently the only way to obtain it.