DVDFab legal battle continues with amended preliminary injunction – also targets TDMore


The legal case against DVDFab by the AACS-LA has gone a step further, the judge has ruled that the preliminary injunction order shall remain in effect. This basically means that companies providing services to DVDFab can be ordered to stop doing so.



The amended preliminary injunction order, obtained by Myce, is not much different than the original injunction which was issued more than a year ago. The AACS-LA started a lawsuit against DVDFab because the latter sold software that could circumvent the AACS Blu-ray copy protection.

Back then it caused DVDFab to lose it’s domain, social media accounts and payment providers, however the company survived, moved to Chinese services and continued to sell its software.

The amended injunction again contains orders to entities with no presence in the USA which are likely to be ineffective. Nevertheless it has to be seen how far the jurisdiction of the United States will reach. The new injunction e.g. orders DVDFab’s Chinese payment provider Alipay to stop processing orders for DVDFab. Also the Chinese domain registry is ordered to shutdown the dvdfab.cn domain. It’s however not likely the Chinese will follow the orders of this American injunction.


Despite the ongoing lawsuit, the company has continued to release new versions of DVDFab.  The past year has seen new features and improvements in the product (e.g. DVD to Blu-ray Converter) in spite of the restrictions under which the company has been forced to operate. Timely updates have continued as well.

The injunction is so broad that if every company on the list will follow court’s orders it will ultimately simply shut down the entire DVDFab company. That despite the fact that the company also sold and sells software that doesn’t circumvent the AACS-LA developed copy protection.

The amended injunction also targets more software that the plaintiff AACS-LA has apparently linked to DVDFab. Also TDMore, Woookao and Boooya are mentioned although the document provides no conclusive evidence that these indeed owned and/or developed by DVDFab.

The case remains to be like the David and Goliath story, in which a consortium of industry giants attempt to crush a small company.

Company officials were unavailable for comment.