DVDFab purchasing back – with Chinese payment processor

DVDFab seems to have found a new company to process orders for them. Earlier we reported that DVDFab purchasing was suspended, likely because the previous payment processor was ordered to stop processing for DVDFab by an court in the United States.



The court ruled that plaintiff AACS-LA could send out orders to companies working with DVDFab to end providing services to them. Included where social media websites, but also banks and payment processors. As the AACS-LA has no jurisdiction in China, where DVDFab is located, it tries to find other ways of making it hard for DVDFab to operate their company.

By not allowing the company to process orders, it cuts of the lifeline of each company, a solid revenue stream. Previously DVDFab’s orders were processed by Avangate, a company with offices in the Netherlands and the United States. The new payment processor appears to be Alipay a large Chinese payment processor.

Although this might seem good news, payments are still done using credit cards, and the three largest credit card companies are all located in the United States which makes them vulnerable to be ordered to no longer allow payments to DVDFab.

So far the  new payment processor only seems in place for DVDFab. Purchasing of BluFab, a version of DVDFab without Blu-ray decryption  is  still suspended. It could be that the company implements different payment processors for each product, but that’s pure speculation.

Thanks Séan for reporting this!

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