DVDFab releases version 10 – faster and easier to use

In case you missed it, DVDFab launched version 10 of its software last week which is a free upgrade for existing customers. This new version brings a completely redesigned user interface, cloud decryption for DVDs, a new conversion engine and many more new features.



DVDFab 10 is the successor to DVDFab 9 that was first released almost 4 years ago. The user interface of DVDFab 10 is complete revamped and should give a fresh feeling and improved user experience.

Besides a fresh new look, the Chinese company also added many other new features. One of them is the cloud decryption service for DVDs that should speed up decryption time considerably, DVDFab claims it can now decrypt a disc in 5-10 seconds instead of the 2-3 minutes it previously took.

Tasks can be better watched through the new Task Manager and DVDFab 10 allows multitasking between different modules. Also DVDFab Remote, that allows you to view the progress of tasks on your mobile phone is part of the package.

Users worried that DVDFab becomes bloated should note that version 10 not only consumes less RAM and CPU but also comes with DVDFab Mini, a simplified version of DVDFab that should make using the software easier than ever.

As stated before, the software is free for existing customers, users who purchase a new license can get either 30% off with coupon BLACKFRI30  (part of Black Friday, valid till the 28th of November) or when too late, get 20% off with coupon FAB-PHL-OFF (valid till the 5th of December).

Get a 30 day free trial of DVDFab 10 here.