DVDFab removes DVD and Blu-ray decrypter from BluFab

DVDFab has announced their BluFab software will no longer support decryption of DVD and Blu-ray movies. Earlier the company announced that only existing customers will be able to continue to use DVDFab, while BluFab is offered to new customers.

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The company is revamping its business due a recent injunction from a court in the United States demanded  by Blu-ray copy protection licensee AACS LA. Because DVDFab contains features that circumvent the Blu-ray copy protection, the AACS LA is trying to stop the company from selling software that circumvents their protection.

DVDFab is located in China which makes it hard to get it shut down with an US court order, so the AACS LA is targeting companies providing services to DVDFab. So far they achieved to get the dvdfab.com seized and their Facebook page removed. In the meanwhile DVDFab has located to their Chinese dvdfab.cn domain from where it continues to sell its software.

The pressure from AACS LA could take DVDFab entirely out of business. The injunction mentions that anyone providing services to DVDFab would need to stop doing business with the company once they receive a court order. This includes payment providers, banks, domain registrars and social media account, which would not only pretty much wipe any possibility for the company to earn money to use e.g. on legal fees, but would also pretty much wipe the company from the internet.

By removing the DVD and Blu-ray decryption features the company likely wants to protect itself from further actions of the AACS LA. The company states in the changelog of their most recent version of BluFab, “Please note: Starting from this update, BluFab will no longer decrypt any DVD and Blu-ray protections. You will have to find for other possible solutions if your disc is copyright protected.”

One of the  best known software with similar capacities as DVDFab is AnyDVD (HD) sold by Slysoft, a company located in Antigua, which so far has been able to deal with any legal issues.