DVDFab sees Facebook page removed, launches IlikeDVDFab.com

While Facebook removed their  page today, DVDFab started a website explaining what happened and asking people for their support. On the website IlikeDVDFab.com the company asks people to tweet the message; “love this software and I need DVDFab come back! #DVDFabComeBack”.

On the site there’s an imagine of a sad and chained monkey, the famous DVDFab mascot,  accompanied by the sentence, “wherever we go, whatever we do, will you be right waiting for us?”

So far 3565 people have shown their support for the software, which is easy by simply clicking a button on the IlikeDVDFab.com website.



The removal of the DVDFab Facebook page comes at no surprise, the injunction we posted earlier today orders companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google to remove the DVDFab pages. Facebook currently lists the page as unavailable, the Google cache shows that the company had over 19,000 Likes.

In case DVDFab loses more of it’s social media presence and you want to stay updated,  please follow our social media accounts where we’ll keep you informed.

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