DVDFab website back, updates software and offers 20% discount

DVDFab is back on new URLs after yesterday’s DVDFab.com domain seizure by the AACS LA. The company website is now available on the domain names en.dvdfab.jp and dvdfab.cn where it’s business as usual.



Torrentfreak yesterday posted a part of the injunction and reports that the judge dealing with the case has ordered several banks and payment providers to stop processing the company’s funds, including Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.  At the moment Avangate, the payment processor of DVDFab, continues to work and appears to be accepting credit-card payments.

According to the injunction Torrentfreak posted, also anyone providing services to the company should cease their work. Even social media companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter should shut down the pages of DVDFab if they receive a court order. So far, all social media pages of DVDFab continue to work and they have even been posting from them.

DVDFab is located in China and their actual location and names of employees seem to be well hidden. Court documents list DVDFab as the defendant and the plaintiff as AACS LA LCC.  Apparently the AACS LA was unable to find the real names behind DVDFab, other names listed are John Doe, Jane Doe and XYZ Company.

The company also released an update to their software today which should update the software to work with the new domain names. The company also offers a 20% discount till the 16th of March 2014, with coupon code: FAB-FCC-OFF

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