DVDRanger: ‘CinEx HD databases do not contain any audio’

DVD-Ranger has updated their website and now requires registering to download the database files needed to remove Cinavia from Blu-ray movies. The database files were under fire as several users found them to contain audio. After the website update, the site states, “The DVD-Ranger CinEx HD databases do not contain any audio. The databases contain only restoring information in binary code.”


In a recent thread on our website, users reported they found audio parts in the databases they downloaded from the DVD-Ranger website.  CineX HD requires the download of a fairly large database file and some Myce members found that these databases contain audio in certain frequencies.

According to the developers of DVD-Ranger  the databases are only made available to decrease the processing time of the Cinavia removal. While DVD-Ranger has not commented on the contents of the database, they did state that Cinavia is not limiting itself to certain frequencies. Instead the watermark is embedded in the entire frequency range, which should rule out that replacing only a part of the frequency range would remove Cinavia.

Besides the an updated website, DVD-Ranger now also offers existing Lifetime subscribers to get CineX HD for $34.99.