Electronic detection dog finds hidden SD card of hacker who upped grades

Posted 15 May 2018 23:36 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

An electronic detection dog from Contra Costa County in the United States was able to find a hidden SD card in a box of tissues. The card will be proof in a case of an underage boy that changed the grades of numerous students of the Ygnacio Valley High School.

The police of Concord was informed by the Mount Diablo school district about a possible hack. Research indicated that a teacher opened a link in a phishing mail and entered credentials on a phishing website. The attacker used these credentials to log in to the computer system of the school and he changed the grades of numerous students, including himself. Some grades were raised up, others were raised down. No personal data was stolen.

The police found an electronic trail that directed them to the suspects’ house. The house was searched with the help of Dug, one of the few electronic detection dogs in the United States, who found a key piece of evidence. 

“Dug is trained to locate hidden electronic devices, and he located an SD card hidden in a tissue box that a normal person might not have checked,” the Concord Police department writes on Facebook.

The young boy that performed the hack was arrested on the 9th of May  with the assistance of the US Secret Service.

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