Elgato launches PC/Mac USB HDTV tuner

Accessory maker Elgato is known for manufacturing Mac-influenced TV tuners, but recently announced it has launched the EyeTV One tuner product for Mac and Windows users.

The new product is able to record from OTA ATSC sources, but cannot record NTSC basic cable and ClearQAM.  It also ships with the company’s DVR software — available for Mac only — but the Microsoft Media Center should suffice for Windows users.  The EyeTV One connects to an antenna via coaxial plug, and also uses a flexible USB extender.

The Elgato EyeTV 3 software also includes the ability to subscribe to specific TV series, create playlists, and an unwanted content remover feature.  All recorded media can be shared via local network to other Macs, EyeTV noted in the press statement.


Apple iPhone and iPod Touch owners can stream video from their Mac PC that has an EyeTV One connection.

The Elgato EyeTV One TV tuner is available for the North America market with a $128 MSRP.

The high price tag is rather shocking, but Elgato’s name recognition as the company that helps owners turn a Mac into a DVR should help sell additional units.  If you want the ability to watch, record, or pause live TV programming, this could be a nifty little device to look into.

For consumers with deeper pockets, Elgato also offers the EyeTV Hybrid, which includes digital and analog cable signals.