Elgato releases EyeTV HD for Mac users

Elgato has launched a new DVR solution for Mac users looking to watch, record, and edit cable and satellite high-definition feeds, while also being able to watch the recorded content on the go.

The use of DVRs continues to increase in the United States, as consumers enjoy the flexibility of watching TV content whenever they like.  Despite the increase in popularity of DVRs, there have not been many solutions for PC and Mac users to help bring recorded material away from the TV.

Elgato releases EyeTV HD for Mac users

Similar to newer DVRs, the Elgato EyeTV HD is plugged directly into the cable or satellite receiver output, and then can be connected to a computer using USB. All video content is recorded in H.264 format and it can also capture video from camcorders, VCRs and other devices. The EyeTV HD has S-Video and other HD video outputs. 

Elgato is including the ability to record content in a format in native resolutions for the Apple iPhone and iPad.  Owners can use the Elgato EyeTV app on the iPhone and iPad to view the content live or recorded, so users have the option to watch content even if they are away from their Mac, PC or living room TV.

The app is available for $4.99 and current Elgato owners can get an upgrade for free.  The Elgato EyeTV HD is available now for $199.95.

Elgato is ending support for PowerPC Macs now that Apple has also ended support.

I think the EyeTV HD from Elgato could be extremely popular with Apple product owners who are looking for greater flexibility with their television content – even if many customers aren’t overly familiar with the company.