Elitebytes MaxVeloSSD caching software available – incredible results

Posted 19 November 2013 12:40 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Elite Bytes released their SSD and RAM caching software MaxVeloSSD and gives away 10 free licenses. MaxVeloSSD can use both SSDs and RAM memory as a cache resulting in incredible fast throughputs. An initial test of our Administrator and Head of Promotions alan1476 shows random read speeds of more than 800,000 IOPS and random write speeds of more than 450,000 IOPS.

The tests were performed with MaxVeloSSD combined with a Samsung SCSI HDD a SSD and a system with 32 GB of RAM from which 16 GB allocated for MaxVeloSSD. Besides the impressive IOPS the system also achieved sequential reads of more than 5 GB/s and writes of 1.8 GB/s.


MaxVeloSSD is the latest product from Elitebytes, best known for their VeloSSD software. Instead of only using a SSD as a cache the software also uses the system’s RAM memory. Caching software works by storing frequently accessed data on the fastest available storage of the system, while keeping less frequently accessed data on slower storage.

Elite Bytes dares you to post your benchmarks on our forum too as we  host a benchmarking contest on the VeloSSD Forum.

Post your benchmark on our forum and win a free MaxVeloSSD license! Here are the rules:

  • A benchmark post should consist of a screenshot with Anvil’s Storage Utilities and MaxVeloSSD showing information about the used SSD/RAM etc.
  • Elitebytes gives free license for the top 10 successful contestants
  • 1st place wins a MaxVeloSSD Enterprise license
  • 2nd and 3rd place win a MaxVeloSSD Professional license
  • 4th till 10th place win a MaxVeloSSD Personal license
  •  Myce staff will judge the entries on authenticity and will make the final judgement on who to award a license

Download MaxVeloSSD from the Elite Bytes website and post your entry in our VeloSSD Forum.

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