Emergency patch for Internet Explorer causes issues with some Lenovo laptops

Posted 24 December 2018 17:58 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft has announced that the emergency update that the company released last week, to patch an actively attacked vulnerability in Internet Explorer, causes issues with some laptops. The patch fixed a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take full control over the system.

Microsoft released an emergency patch (KB4467691) for all supported Windows versions outside the company’s regular patch cycle. Unfortunately the company now reports in it’s “known issues” overview that the emergency patch can cause issues with Lenovo laptops with less than 8 GB of RAM.

To solve the issue, Microsoft recommends disabling Secure Boot and to reboot the system. In case Bitlocker is enabled on the system, users have to go through the Bitlocker recovery process after disabling Secure Boot.

Microsoft states it’s working with Lenovo on fixing the issue but doesn’t state when it hopes an update is ready. It also unknown why specifically Lenovo laptops are affected, and why only models with less than 8 GB of RAM.

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