Emerging tech trends that are going to impact our future in a big way

Technology has impacted the entire world in a manner that not a single industry has remained undisrupted. The pace at which the modern-day technologies are advancing is increasing rapidly and it has given rise to new business models.

Emerging tech trends that are going to impact our future in a big way

It goes without saying that our future will be determined by various connected devices, delivering thoughtful and progressive digital services world over. Leave alone smart devices, very soon entire homes will be constructed in a manner that they’d be connected from the ground up. Let’s take you over few such emerging tech trends that are going to impact our future in a big way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There’s no denying the fact that artificial intelligence will be the game changer for every organisation of the future, enhancing their decision-making capabilities and helping them improve their customer experience. Devices like AlterEgo are proving that technology could in fact be the ultimate ally of human beings, augmenting people, rather than replacing them. Majority of the organisations are already using artificial intelligence in their business operations, transforming themselves in a big way. AI enabled services are a reality today, and this technology is already having a major impact on the growth of digital businesses.


With the world being constantly disrupted by the tech innovations, block chain is another technology capable of shaping up tech advancements in multiple emerging markets. It can be termed as an incorruptible digital ledger, which generates multiple chained information blocks, with each block maintaining cryptographically approved data that is impossible to be broken by anyone. A business can extract tremendous value from block chain technology, irrespective of its limitations. With its help, a business can reduce transaction costs, enable quick transactions, improve cash flow and increase durability. Here are 8 ways in which block chain technology will impact the world beyond cryptocurrencies.

Emerging tech trends that are going to impact our future in a big way

Immersive experiences

All kinds of immersive technologies like virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality are playing a significant role in revolutionising the manner in which people interact with the digital world in the present times. In fact, augmented reality TV is considered a feasible future product that’ll change people’s lives in a big way. It goes without saying that the digital world will witness a continuous investment flow into these immersive technologies. Although both virtual reality and augmented reality are two distinct technologies, they have gradually reduced the gap between the digital and the real world. Nowadays, mixed reality is emerging as the immersive experience preferred by most people to interact with the real as well as digital world.

Intelligent things

Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow intelligent things to carry out tasks and interact with the people and their surroundings in a more connected manner. Artificial intelligence has in fact tremendous potential of imparting intelligence into existing things. It’s a process wherein the computing, networking and sensors come together to make something smarter. For instance, Amazon Echo can be termed as amongst the best examples of such intelligent things. It’s essentially a smart speaker connected to Alexa, a voice -controlled intelligent personal assistant. In the same way there are all kinds of smart devices constantly improving the comfort and convenience of things, offering all types of environmental and safety advantages.