Enterprise Storage Market Soaring High

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), Enterprise Storage market may be slowing down due to the increase in spending.

In the first quarter of 2019, total external storage revenue hits $6.85bn, approximately five per cent higher compared to 2018. This only shows that sales opportunities are there even if spending is on a record high of $3.3m.

Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network-Attached Storage (NAYS) also grow in sales, amounting to an increase of 41.7%. In addition, server-attached drives JBODs, JBOFs and SAS bays grew by 21.3%, attaining a revenue of $13.2 million.

IDC also stated that 111.8 exabytes of capacity in storage systems have been positioned by Enterprises during this year’s first quarter.


Enterprise Storage Market Soaring High

One of the reasons for this soaring sales is the increasing demand of people for Carbon Capture and Storage. This is true for both the United States and Europe, where adaptation of Carbon Capture and Storage drives technological advancement.

Meanwhile, flash external storage are slow in sales, with massive downfall to $2.47bn for the first quarter of 2019. According to Blocks and Files, the first few quarters of 2018 has better revenue compared to this year’s $2.47 billion. Although the number can be quite impressive, this is significantly lower.

Going back, ODM-based storage received high-scale demand, with revenue amounting to $2.9 billion. Dell EMC also saw an increase of about 18% or $1.79 million, while NetApp registered an increase of about 19.8%.

Finally, Hitachi Vantara finishes off with a revenue of $402.4 million, having a minimum increase of 0.6%.


Demand for Storage Solutions

Not only companies are in need of storage solutions but also ordinary people, even students. Schools, in particular, need storage for educational videos and academic files. In Australia, the University of Sydney has upgraded its storage for campus materials. The multimedia team was able to synchronize functions because of this storage upgrade.

Companies, on the other hand, need extra storage for keeping files and other documents. If storage is limited, data crashing can occur, leading to a severe slowing of the service. Moreover, storage is integral in terms of data backup, according to Entrepreneur. In some parts of the world, government regulations require companies to store, secure and backup data whenever possible.

The pervasiveness of viruses is also crucial and demands more hard-drive solutions. Sophisticated storage solutions are needed for these systems to work. NAS solutions offer print server capacities while allowing multiple users to save data and consolidate storage.